Altar Servers

Altar Servers


If you look up the word Altar Server one definition will say: a boy or girl who assists the priest in a liturgical service.

This is true, but it is much more than that. The altar server occupies a privileged place in the liturgical celebration. They who serve mass present themselves to the community. They experience firsthand that Jesus Christ is present and active in every liturgical act. Jesus is present when we come together to pray, he is present in the Word of sacred Scripture. Above all Jesus is present in the Eucharist under the signs of bread and wine. He acts through the priest who in the person of Christ celebrates Holy Mass and administers the sacraments. Therefore you are much more than “a boy or girl who assists the priest”. You are servers of Jesus Christ, The Eternal High Priest.

Just as you hold the candlesticks in your hands at the time of the Sermon “you are the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14) your service cannot be limited to the inside of a church. You should shine in everyday life, because you are serving Jesus Christ at all times.

Altar Servers are called in particular to be young friends of Jesus. Be determined to make this friendship stronger because you will discover that in Jesus you have a true friend for life. Who knows, Jesus Christ may be calling some of our young boys and girls to embrace the consecrated life, to serve the church and our brothers and sisters.

If you have received the Sacrament of Holy Communion then you are ready to become an Altar Server. You will be trained to serve weekday Chapel Mass as well as weekend Mass.

Join us to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

For more information, please contact Cyndi Gonzalez at (956) 744-1241

MonthDayTimeServer 1Server 2Server 3Server 4
March185:30pmAndres MorenoAlejandra Gonzalez
March195:30pmAndrea SalinasSicily Rojas
March205:30pmAaron FuentesMadison McCurdy
March215:30pmAshley RodriguezSophia Ayla
March225:30pmJudi PuigJavier Gonzalez
March236:30pmMikey RangelEddie YeldermanAlyssa YeldermanMatthew Rangel
March248:30amGaby MirelesCelica MirelesFernando Martinez
March2410:30amErica PenaJohn D. VillarrealMia San MiguelAndrew Valdez
March2412:30pmJuan Carlos BustosBlanca RamirezRicky AndradeEmilio Ibarra
March246:30pmJoseph PuigRaquel PuigJudith PuigVictoria Camarillo
March255:30pmEddie YeldermanAndres Moreno
March265:30pmAndrea SalinasMarcos Mendiola
March275:30pmSadie SaenzMarcos Lopez
March285:30pmBraulio SalinasJavier Gonzalez
March295:30pmEmmanuel RimocalNathaniel Rimocal
March304:00pmRaquel PuigJoseph Puig
March306:30pmAlejandra LaraJackie VelaFernando MartinezSofia Buitron
March318:30amAlyssa YeldermanEddie YeldermanBryanna Terrazas
March3110:30amSam DelgadoAmanda RodriguezDeyhla ChristmanBobby Pavek
March3112:30pmPete FuentesGeorge McCurdyMadison McCurdyAaron Fuentes
March316:30pmAndy MendiolaAdam SaenzSadie SaenzMarcos Mendiola
April15:30pmMarcos MendiolaAlejandra Gonzalez
April25:30pmSofia BuitronSicily Rojas
April35:30pmAaron FuentesMarcos Lopez
April45:30pmAshley RodriguezSophie Ayala
April55:30pmEmmanuel RimocalNathaniel Rimocal
April66:30pmEddie YeldermanAlyssa YeldermanAlejandra LaraDylan Bryand
April78:30amGaby MirelesCelica MirelesVictor Perez
April710:30amMia San MiguelErica PenaMariana BarreraMiranda Barrera
April712:30pmRicky AndradeCristian CastanedaJC BustosEmilio Ibarra
April76:30pmAdam SaenzSadie SaenzAndy MendiolaMarcos Mendiola
April85:30pmEddie YeldermanAndres Moreno
April95:30pmEmmanuel RimocalNathaniel Rimocal
April105:30pmAndrea SalinasSophie Ayala
April115:30pmBraulio SalinasAshley Rodriguez
April125:30pmJudi PuigJavier Gonzalez
April136:30pmMikey RangelMatthew RangelDylan BryandSofia Buitron
April148:30amCelica MirelesGaby MirelesVictoria Camarillo
April1410:30amAndrew ValdezBryanna TerrazasDeyhla ChristmanJohn D. Villarreal
April1412:30pmGeorge McCurdyBlanca RamirezMadison McCurdyAndrew Foy
April146:30pmRaquel PuigJoseph PuigAlina UrestiJudi Puig