Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers

If necessary, extraordinary ministers may also bring Holy Communion to the sick and home-bound. In these cases, they celebrate a special formulation of prayers and biblical readings along with the distribution of the sacrament. This is outlined in a special Catholic book called Communion of the Sick.

Eucharistic Ministers are trained at the parish and commissioned by the diocese. Each minister is also required to attend one meeting per year for additional training and information purposes.

An extraordinary minister of Holy Communion is a tangible link between the parish’s celebration of the Eucharist and the communion of the sick or homebound. He or she reminds them of their union with Christ in his struggle with evil, his prayer for the world, his love of the Father, and their own union with the community from which they are separated. Theirs is a ministry that fulfills Christ’s command to visit the sick and to be concerned about their bodily and spiritual welfare.

Home Bound or Anointing of the Sick

Do you know somebody who is home bound? If you or someone you know who is sick would like to receive the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, contact the Parish office for more information at 956-723-5231.


  • Gabe & Rosaura Vargas
  • 956-608-4060

September 2023 Schedule

Mass TimeMinister 1Minister 2Minister 3
Sat. 6:30pmCarlos GonzalezClaudia GonzalezAdriana Villanueva
Sun. 8:30amMartha PalaciosLeticia LiraLeticia Espinoza
Sun. 10:30amVirgilio RimocalArlyn RimocalAngelica Salinas
Sun. 12:30pmThelma MartinezJeff DiazFlor Diaz