The parishioners of San Martin de Porres Church are indeed fortunate to count on dedicated and devoted members with a desire to assist the parish through service as a Lector.

Being a Lector is a responsibility not to be taken lightly.  Remember that the readings are a critical part of the Mass.  Without you, the Mass is incomplete.

Thank you for sharing your time and talent with your fellow parishioners.


Month DayTimeLector
September166:30 pmJudi Puig
September178:30 amRosaura Romo
September1710:30 amFelipe Martinez
September1712:30 pmKaren Mejia
  • The schedule is prepared by the Minister of Lectors and mailed two weeks before the start of the schedule.  The schedule may be for a month or a longer period.
  • Information used to prepare the schedule is taken from your Lector Registration Form. The response to the preferred Mass is taken into consideration when assignments are made.
  • On occasion, it is necessary to contact Lectors by phone, fax, or e-mail. Therefore, these means of communication must be current.
  • The schedule is also posted on the bulletin board in the Sacristy for information.
  • A Roster of Lectors is provided to first time Lectors and revised periodically. This Roster should be used when arranging for a substitute.
  • Lectors should prepare for their assigned Mass by read through the information provided. Begin your preparation to serve at least two days before to become familiar with the readings and unusual pronunciations.


  • The Lector and Moderator should arrive at least 15 minutes before Mass.
  • The Moderator should review the information for the Welcome, intentions and Readings provided by the Sacristan. The Welcome should be read five minutes before the start of Mass.
  • The Lector takes part in the Entrance Procession.
  • The Lectionary is not carried in the Procession. The Lectionary will have been placed upon the ambo (podium) by the Sacristan before Mass. The Lector should check the Lectionary before Mass to locate the readings.
  • The Deacon processes in with the Book of Gospels. If a Deacon is not present at the Mass, the Lector processes with the Book of Gospels and proceeds to place it on the Altar, afterwards, takes his or her place in the front pew on the right.

When the Lector enters the sanctuary (altar area) to proclaim the Readings, and before stepping down from the sanctuary after the readings, the proper gesture before the tabernacle and the ambo during this time is to make a reverent bow.

After proclaiming the First Reading, there should be a brief moment of silence.
Begin the Responsorial Psalm – do not announce “The Responsorial Psalm is …”

After proclaiming the Second Reading, there should be a brief moment of silence.
Ask that everyone “Please Rise.”

The Alleluia verse before the Gospel should always be sung. If it is not sung, it should not be recited. In that case return to your seat after the second reading.

  • Read the Gospel Acclamation. Sing the Alleluia.
  • Place the Lectionary on the shelf in the podium and return to your seat for the reading of the Gospel.
  • The Moderator is to present the Petitions at the Prayer of the Faithful. After the last petition step back from the ambo and wait there until Father concludes the prayer.
  • Return to your seat.
  • The Communion Song is read after Father drinks from the Cup—BUT ONLY IF THERE IS NO CHOIR. The Moderator will rise, bow, go to the ambo. Ask that everyone join you in reading the Communion Song.  Return to your seat.
  • The Moderator will read 2-3 important announcements from the Bulletin after the Altar has been cleared.
  • At the Recessional Procession, the Book of the Gospels is not carried out in procession.
  • The Lector joins the Recessional in the same order as in the Procession to the altar.
  • Genuflect when Father does so. Turn and follow the Altar Servers out of the Church.