Core Team

Core Team

A solid youth ministry cannot run without a team of quality volunteers – this we call the Core Team.  Some members of the Core Team are parents of the children in the youth programs, while others are adults and young adults who want to make a difference and be a positive influence on the youth in our church.

Core Team members must be committed to Christ in their personal lives, and be willing to share Him with the youth.  There are varying degrees of commitment – some Core Team members help with the weekly nights, while others help with food or chaperoning special events.
We need Core members who want to see the New Evangelization take place in their own lives with daily conversion and who want to bring about that New Evangelization in the lives of our young people as well.


Volunteer Position: Core Team
Required of Volunteer:  Must be 18 or over (21 or over for High School ministry) and a practicing Catholic with a desire to bring young people closer to Christ.
Experience Necessary: None
Training Required:  Annual day retreat, Diocese Safe Environment Training,
Time Commitment: 3-6 hours a week

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Core Team, contact Michelle Cadena at (956) 763-1289 or